Why Mindfulness

Please take a few minutes to learn more about mindfulness and its effectiveness in teaching children (and adults) self-control. Childhood self control is proven, study after study, to predict future physical health, personal wealth, and public safety. Self-control is more important than intelligence and social class.

Why JusTme? Nowadays, it can be hard to really connect to our young people. Young people's focus and behavior at home and school can be challenging. Us, as adults, should explore every way possible to make that connection, so that we can impart our experience and knowledge in a meaningful way to impact their lives and well-being. Hip-hop is an art form that is cross-cultrual, and young people gravitate towards the lyrics and rhythms. Taking familiar beats and flipping the lyrical content to a more positive perspective gives our young people ideals and values that will benefit them, along with the form of expression that they crave. In addition to sharing JusTme's Mindful Hip-Hop, he leads students and staff through mindful practices and techniques that can help them to self-regulate and cultivate self-love and care.

Now, thanks to the donors to our Foundation, JusTme is bringing his teachings of Mindfulness and self-control to our Sun Prairie students - in ELEVEN schools! In our most significant and impactful investment in our Foundation's history, he will be bringing the tools for educational (and life) success to: Eastside (9/17-9/21), Royal Oaks (9/24-9/28), CH Bird (10/8-10/12), Northside (10/15-10/19), Token Springs (10/22-10/26), Horizon (11/12-11/16), Meadow View (11/26-11/30), Westside (12/3-12/7), Creekside (12/10-12/14), Patrick Marsh (2/4-2/8), and Prairie View (2/11-2/15)! 


Total Grant Dollars Awarded: OVER A MILLION Awarded to EVERY school in the Sun Prairie District Thousands of kids Impacted by our grants Over 10 years of proven success